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Business Coaching

          Let us talk about occupation as a Professional or a Business Parson, they all come under a title of business people. They are different from those who opt a job against some fixed remuneration.

          Professionals: Profession comes with an expertise in particular field & services rendered by them is called as consultancy. Many professionals are registered practitioners. Also many of them have their own association to help, while in practice. Our roll to the profession is view of profession as a business. Our Business Management Module, Part I & Part II are specially designed for the rapid & constant growth of any profession.

          Business Person: To become a business person is a very challenging job. It can be Service Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Trader or a Marketing Person, one has to face numerous obstacles to earn money from business. Business Person learns many things, while in business & the same learning process delays the business growth. Our Business Management Module, Part I & Part II are specially designed for the rapid & constant growth of any business.

            Manufacturing is a difficult task. Person has to deal with finance, suppliers, customers, staff, workers, machinery, power, government departments etc. Business person can not meet with priorities and hence the recourses are used badly. We help them to work by balanced working at every stage.

            Trader has always a tension of finance, purchase at right price, storage, damage, competition, transportation, sale price etc. Imbalanced mind for speculations may sometimes put trader towards slow progress. We coach them differently on the important neglected aspects like customer service, ambiance, communication and lot many other for proper boosting up their profits.

            Service Industry and Marketing have less obstacles but it requires a great inner booster to grow faster. Being a total service industry, it needs a working on self first & then on product knowledge, customer service, time management etc. Our roll in this sector is different. We need to work of habits change & regular practice for the scheduled activity.

          Our Experienced Assistance of some Scientific Methods can help all above categories to have safe & rapid progress in business.

          Our motto is to experience the desired change in the recipients.

          A Coach, who helps with... Decision Making  Attaining Further Success  Solving Problem


Business Coaching, Specially Designed Customized Programs - 2 hours
Business Management Part 1
Business Management Part 2
Business Booster for: Manufacturer, Professional,
   Trader & Marketing, Service Industry
Business Person’s Stress Management
Work-Home Balance
Customer Service – Customer Care
Life Planning for Business Person
Customized Program for: Management Support,
   Staff Support, Workers Support, Teachers Support


Business Coaching, Other Subjects - 1 hour
Priorities & Time Management
Inter-Person Relationship in Business
Complete Communication
Health, Wealth & Success
Duties as Business Person
Business Person as an Investor
Delegation of Work


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