Our motto is to experience the desired change in the recipients - Human Life is a Gift of God - Wish you Happiness & Peace with Success in Life

Corporate Coaching
Also for that, what is not taught in 'B' School

            Corporate sector coaching is a bigger version of business coaching. There are all those categories like Manufacturing, Trading, Marketing & Service Industry. The basic difference is, Profession or SME Business works on the whims & wishes of individual/s ownership mind but the Corporate Sector works with the Company Policy & also works with the supportive Business Management systems like ERP, ISO etc.

            We have our own designed programs suitable for corporate sector. We are quiet aware that every corporate have few specific changes to happen in the recipients. On discussion with your esteem authorities, we do take such inputs to be blended with our pre designed programs. Also we design exclusive separate program as per your company requirements.

          Our motto is to experience the desired change in the recipients.

          A Coach, who helps with... Decision Making  Attaining Further Success  Solving Problem


Specially Designed Customized Programs - 2 hours
Fountain of Energy within You
Priorities, Goal Setting & Achieving Goal
Work-Home Balance
Customer Service & Customer Care
Happiness & Peace In Life
Personality Development
Be a Good Leader
Customized Program for Management Support
Customized Program for Staff Support
Customized Program for Workers Support
Addiction is a Disease & Can be Stopped


Other Subjects - 1 hour
Priorities & Time Management
Inter-Person Relationship
Stress Management
Complete Communication
Career While in Service
Health, Wealth & Success


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